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These last few weeks are really flying by! My daughter’s baby shower is in 4 days and I knew I needed to get some storage set up for all of her new *adorable* items. This closet makeover took a few hours of shopping for supplies, about 4 hours to up-cycle the shelving unit, and another […]

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diy closet for baby

September 20, 2018

Hello, All! & hello, Fall! I’m mostly writing this post because I have been neglecting my little space of the internet and I don’t feel very good about it. I still have so many ideas, and things I’d like to write about but by the time I am finished with work, I just want to […]

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bumpdate: 32 weeks pregnant

September 13, 2018

“I want everything back, the way it was. But there is no point to it, this wanting.”  Synopsis Written nearly 30 years ago, Margaret Atwood’s dystopian literary masterpiece tells the story of Offred, a Handmaid living in the near future in what was once the United States. A new theocratic regime called the Republic of […]

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august review: the handmaid’s tale

August 16, 2018

Lately, I’ve been experiencing a unique form of writer’s block. All I want to write about is Love. I always imagined Love to be this larger than life, all encompassing, state of heightened romance. If Love were a person, I pictured her wearing French lace, brown worn boots, and having tight brunette curls cascading around her […]

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meeting love for the second time

July 31, 2018

In my opinion, podcasts are quite simply the next best alternative to streaming music and audio books. I love listening to them during commutes to work, busy airport lines, and during workouts. I find podcasts to be informative, entertaining, and usually, more mentally stimulating than Top 40 Pandora. I love that they are consistently updated, and […]

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5 podcasts for the well-balanced twenty something

July 24, 2018

“Some relationships feel like a wildfire-they’re powerful and compelling and majestic and dangerous and have the capability to burn you before you even realize you’ve been consumed…..some relationships feel like a hearth fire-they’re solid and stable and cozy and nourishing.” – Jill Santopolo Synopsis Lucy is faced with a life-altering choice. But before she can […]


review: the light we lost

July 23, 2018

It’s Friday!! What a great time to reflect on the week, month, and year we’ve had so far. It’s July 20th, and we are officially half way through 2018! Honestly, these days it seems like years fly by. Friday’s are my favorite day to wrap up loose ends, think about the week I’ve had, and […]

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thoughts: be your authentic self

July 20, 2018