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I LOOOOOOOOVEE BEAUTY PRODUCTS. BUT I LOATTTHHHEEE HOW MUCH THEY CAN COST! Does this scenario seem familiar to anyone? “Oh my gosh! This NARS highlighter is like so perfect for summer!” $32. “Oh but, I need this ‘Too Faced’ lip kit to match my new highlighter.” $28. “Okay, well now that I’m nearing the Anastasia […]


The 10 Beauty Products You Need for Spring 2018

May 14, 2018

Like any other girl, I love having beautifully polished nails. What girl doesn’t? But I’m not just any girl; I’m a tired girl. Which means I can’t stand sitting in nails salons. They make me so sleepy! I’ll be honest, sometimes I get so relaxed- I’ll put my head down and fall asleep while they […]


Beauty Review: Impress Gel Nails

August 17, 2017

  Happy Sunday! On Sundays, I like to sleep in. It’s not uncommon for me to sleep in past noon on any given day-off. I usually wake up, and start cleaning. It’s my day devoted to laundry, dishes, vacuuming, sweeping/mopping my floors, and dishes. I also like to make Adam breakfast. Today, I made biscuits […]


The Essentials Every Girl Needs In Her Handbag.

May 16, 2017