smoky weather, old friends, and a road trip.

Jessica DeBano

why, hello!

Today, I’m starting a new chapter in my blog.

We’ll call it, “Weekly Recaps” for now. It’s a desperate attempt to get me to open my laptop more, and to take a moment to write things down. Each day passes so quickly and before I know it- another month has gone by. I want to be able to reflect on these posts and love on these memories. Years from now.

So, this week basically consisted of smoky weather, old friends, and a road trip.

The weather in Alaska is very dry, and forrest fires have really taken their tole on the local air quality. Before the smoke rolled in, Olivia & I were walking every morning. Now, I try to keep indoors as much as possible. Hopefully, it gets better soon. Summers in Alaska, right? People are saying we should start the fair a week early, knowing that always brings rain. lol.

The highlight of my week was getting to spend some time with my best friend, Kristine. She came to visit from Colorado Springs, CO. I’ve been pretty lonely the past few weeks, so it was great to have some familiar company. Sitting there on that ol’ familiar deck- it was just like old times. and with olivia there next to me- it was better than ever. in life, there are just some days that should go on a little extra longer. Here’s some pics from our few days together.

On Wednesday, July 3rd, my family and I drove to Manley for the fourth. It was hot, hot, hot. Olivia spent most of the week in only a diaper. The temperatures were high 80’s, low 90’s (am I back in Ariozona?). We went tubing with grandpa’s boat, and swam in the slough next to the house. I kept telling myself that I would jump off the bridge, but didn’t muster the courage to do it. Maybe next year. I even got to drive the boat and pull Adam and Brooke on the tube. That was fun. But scary. Yeah, mostly scary. I’ve never driven a boat, like ever. And here I am pulling two people I love. They kept saying, ‘faster, faster’, and ‘turn sharper’.

Olivia really started crawling in Manley. And pulling up on the couch. and the bed. and now, the coffee table, the dresser, me.  everything.

We stayed in Manley until Sunday. The drive is 3.5-4 hours. We ate all the food that we brought and only had popsicles and water for the drive home. Talk about hungry! When we made it to Hilltop, we had a full junk food-gas station haul.

When I woke up on Monday, I found out my grandma was in town from Anchorage. She took us to lunch yesterday and today. She filled our fridge with groceries, and took us clothes shopping today. Grandmas are good at that kind of stuff, aren’t they?

James’ football practices have started, but most have been cancelled due to the smoke. They are going to practice indoors tonight. Back to that crazy July schedule full of 2 -hour football practices, and Saturday morning games.

Olivia just woke up from her nap, so I better wrap this up.

Until next week,


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