Baby Update: Olivia at 8 Months

Jessica DeBano

Curious as to what Olivia is up to now? Here’s a hint: she uses the big girl potty!

I said it once, I’ll say it again… time is flying by! Olivia is turning into such a perfect little girl. She’s such a bundle of joy and is really less of an infant at this point.  This morning I woke up smiling and just stared at her and thought how lucky I am. I’m lucky to get to wake up beside a healthy, happy child.

The Changes:

There really weren’t too many changes between 7 months and 8 months in terms of developmental milestones. She still hasn’t crawled yet, but she’s getting there. I think it’s probably difficult to move all the chub, ya know?

  • Something exciting that is happening semi-regularly is the use of the big girl toilet. Olivia has pretty much trained herself to use the toilet. I will write a more detailed post on that, in case anyone wants to try elimination communication with their infant. She’s a pioneer!
  • She smiles a whole heck of a lot, and fake cries, too. She is a little drama queen. I love it!
  • We also have enough hair for a bow!

  • Soccer has started for Brooke, Olivia’s sister. I don’t plan on missing a game. It’s so much fun for all of us to get outside and play in the grass.

The Stats:

  • She has 2 teeth.
  • Weighs 25.8 lbs.
  • 26.5 inches tall.
  • The clothes she wears vary in size, but usually about 18-24 months works well. As long as they are stretchy. Stretchy material is a must.

Our daily routine:

Olivia takes a bath in the morning, every other day. She loves bath time.

Olivia is still watching Puppy Dog Pals every morning while I shower, and then we eat– SOLIDS! Well, purees. She loves banana, apple, and that’s it. My little apple-nanner babe!

After her first nap, we try to get outside. The past few days I have been a walking machine. I have some new motivation to get my pre-baby body back. I was wondering if that motivation would ever return…

After our daily walk, we usually take a 2 hour nap together and its heaven. I love feeling her little warm body close to mine while a small crack of sun shines through on us.

Then comes dinner, and Adam comes home… finally!

After dinner, little 8 month old Olivia likes to lay in bed with us (no toys, okay one toy- Greenie) and roll around making sqeaks and sqawks. Eventually, she calls it quits and curls up between us and falls asleep.

So who is Greenie?

Greenie WAS Reggie’s toy. He never played with it, we think it came from the kids, but Olivia picked it up one and never put it down. She sleeps with it, eats milkies with it, and carries it with her during our walks, as well as, every other second of the day.

The picture on the right, is our little miss nursing whilst holding onto Greenie, and flaying her leg, still playing.

Well, Olivia is stirring from her nap, so I have to go. Here’s some more photos from our 8 months together!

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