SAHM: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Jessica DeBano

Hi, it’s me!

I finally have my new blog up and (sort of) running. I’m still playing with the design of a few pages, but it’s getting there. Please, don’t be afraid to tell me what you think. For the past two weeks, I’ve officially been a SAHM. And I’ve learned within the mommy community, that SAHM means Stay At Home Mom.

But since it’s been two weeks, I figured I’d talk about the good, the bad, and the downright ugliness of my first two weeks of being a stay at home.


  • So much good! I’ve really enjoyed being home with Olivia and not having to go to work.
  • Sleeping in. We don’t usually get up until 10:00-10:30 a.m.!
  • Getting to hang out with my little bean all day, without any distractions.
  • Olivia is taking more naps at home, instead of on-the-go naps in her carseat (I’ve read that those types of naps aren’t as restorative.)
  • I’m making ‘cooking dinner’ a real thing! I’ve cooked more hot meals than ever before. More like burnt, but hey- we are learning 🙂
  • Walking! We have gotten out of the house 3x days in a row and walked for 45-60 minutes.
  • Lower stress. I only have to worry about Olivia. Which is perfect because I love her SO much.
  • More time. More time to do things I’ve been wanting to do. Like organize the pantry (which I did), organize the medicine cabinet (did that too), clean out the messy spoon drawer (done!).
  • Not having an agenda. If I’m feeling laundry/cleaning one day, great! If I feel like relaxing, that’s wonderful! I feel like a cave woman raising my young with no concept of time. We nap, we play, we roam. Rawwwr!
  • I could probably go on.


The BAD:

  • In a duration of 14 days, I left the house 2 times! I am a major homebody and love being home. I never get stir crazy or cabin fever.
  • We are waking up later and later, which means our bedtime is getting later and later… ahhemm.. 10:30 p.m now!
  • I have to wear my hair in a braid- every. single. day. Because someone (olivia) likes to pull hair.
  • We have the same rotation of leggings/sweatpants combo circulating the wash cycle. Fully embracing pajamas all day right now.
  • I’ve run out of new series to binge watch.
  • I’m running out of drawers to organize.
  • I tried a new recipe, and had to go to the ER because I swallowed glass (long story, I’m fine.)



  • I didn’t shave my legs, or tweeze my eyebrows. Then I felt my leg hairs blowing in the wind when I walked. It still didn’t stop me. I texted a photo to my mom, and she said “OMG shave your legs.” So I did. Pic because I am gross.
  • Post-partum hair loss is SO REAL. A 3 foot long chunk of hair tried to attack me in the shower. pic for proof.
  • Did I mention I swallowed glass?
  • I turned on my brand new InstaPot, without emptying out the packaging/contents that were inside, and burn plastic all over the place!
  • My couch is starting to have a butt indention, from me being here all day long.









What are some of your GOOD, BAD, and UGLY’s of being a new mom?

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